NMT v1.3 to NMT v2


I have some RSNs in NMT v1.3 and I would need to warp them into NMT v2. Is there a function that does that transformation?


You can use @animal_warper to do this for you. If you are treating the resting state networks as a region of interest, it can also move the ROIs with the same alignment transformations it finds for moving one template to another.

@animal_warper -base NMT_v2.1_sym_SS.nii.gz -input NMT_v1.3_SS.nii.gz -no_surfaces
-outdir aw_nmt1.3to2.1_nl -ok_to_exist -base_abbrev nmtv2 -template_abbrevs nmt2
-cost lpa -roidset_followers my_nmt1.3space_rsn_rois.nii.gz

This example aligns to the symmetric template at the full resolution, but you may also choose a lower resolution, the asymmetric version or full head versions too. If you need, I can also make the warp transformations computed from the above command available.