New macOS install "app"

For the brave souls out there, here is a new afni install script for macOS:


Or more mac-ishly:

It is still in beta and has been tested on macOS 10.12 and 10.13 (released 09/25/2017).
After downloading, just unzip the .zip or mount the .dmg
PLEASE PLEASE read the README first.
Then you can launch it installer with a double click.

This will NOT install fink, nor the class data!
If it works for you, let me know with a reply.
If it doesn’t work, reply with your macOS version and any details that may be helpful.

Below is the contents of the README:

Welcome to the afni installation for macOS!
You should launch the script by double clicking the icon like a regular program.
If you get a popup notification about an “unknown developer”,
you can do the following:
Right click or control click the app icon.
Then click open from the shortcut menu.
(see here for more info:

This will launch your terminal.
Most of the rest of the interactions are in the terminal.
If needed, the Xcode command line tools will popup an installation window.
Once complete, return to the terminal to continue.

To accept the default options (shown in [ ]), just press Enter.
For some sections, you may need to type in your password.
If you are not an administrator on your computer, this installation may fail.
Make sure you have permissions for the folder you choose for AFNI!

This will download and install the recommended versions of the following:
1. Xcode command line tools
2. Xquartz
3. R

If a package is already installed, you may be asked if you want to reinstall it.
But you can skip it if you like.

This script will also setup your .cshrc, .bashrc, and .bash_profile.
It will add the appropriate entries to your paths specified there.
After completion, you should restart your computer just in case.

This script does not install fink. Nor does it download the class data.
But it will point you to where you can get it.

Thanks for testing this installation script and good luck.

Thank the Gods for a one click installer!
As an informatics consultant for my lab with multiple computers running OSX this will speed things up immensely!
Tried the script last night, and it worked really well for it to only be in beta.
I hope this is the direction that AFNI is headed for simplicity’s sake.

Great job guys!