New error with identical 3dLMEr code

Dear Colleagues,

Hi. The 3dLMEr code below was executed twice. Zero changes were made between the two executions.

Ran on 2023-11-13
AFNI version=AFNI_23.3.07 (Nov 7 2023)
R 4.3.0
[1] "Congratulations! You've got an output output_lme_audaro_hip_procbasic_rz.nii"

Ran on 2023-11-27
AFNI version=AFNI_23.3.09 (Nov 22 2023)
R 4.3.0
** Error: Quitting due to model test failure...

What might be the problem?



3dLMEr -prefix output_lme_audaro_hip_procbasic_rz.nii -jobs 32 -model 'cond*AAT+(AAT|Subj)' -qVars AAT -SS_type 3 -gltCode AATeff 'AAT : ' -dataTable Subj cond AAT InputFile s00003 aro1 70 20160713_2255_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00003 aro2 25 20160713_2326_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00003 aro3 35 20160714_0004_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00003 aro4 40 20160714_0040_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00003 aro5 70 20160714_0220_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro1 5 20160901_2245_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro2 0 20160901_2300_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro3 35 20160901_2310_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro4 35 20160901_2340_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro5 25 20160901_2358_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro6 45 20160902_0050_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro7 45 20160902_0140_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00006 aro8 5 20160902_0625_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro1 20 20170118_2235_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro2 15 20170119_0025_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro3 15 20170119_0055_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro4 45 20170119_0140_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro5 0 20170119_0240_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00014 aro6 0 20170119_0253_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro1 0 20160518_2322_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro2 30 20160518_2336_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro3 30 20160519_0005_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro4 5 20160519_0035_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro5 10 20160519_0136_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro6 10 20160519_0304_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro7 15 20160519_0416_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00029 aro8 0 20160519_0431_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00047 aro1 45 20160630_0000_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00047 aro2 40 20160630_0031_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00047 aro3 35 20160630_0124_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00047 aro4 5 20160630_0437_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00047 aro5 5 20160630_0600_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro1 5 20160921_2250_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro2 20 20160921_2305_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro3 5 20160921_2336_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro4 25 20160921_2345_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro5 25 20160922_0015_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro6 5 20160922_0035_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00056 aro7 15 20160922_0222_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00060 aro1 0 20160804_0012_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00060 aro2 35 20160804_0110_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00060 aro3 5 20160804_0225_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00060 aro4 60 20160804_0322_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro1 30 20170222_2305_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro2 50 20170222_2323_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro3 15 20170222_2350_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro4 55 20170223_0155_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro5 50 20170223_0239_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00063 aro6 10 20170223_0434_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro1 50 20161027_2230_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro2 25 20161027_2330_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro3 15 20161028_0012_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro4 5 20161028_0053_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro5 15 20161028_0137_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro6 15 20161028_0313_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro7 10 20161028_0406_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00065 aro8 10 20161028_0630_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro1 25 20170308_2255_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro2 15 20170308_2336_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro3 40 20170308_2349_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro4 45 20170309_0027_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro5 10 20170309_0051_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro6 10 20170309_0153_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro7 10 20170309_0414_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00078 aro8 25 20170309_0525_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro1 30 20170208_2238_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro2 50 20170208_2305_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro3 45 20170208_2347_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro4 45 20170209_0000_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro5 45 20170209_0022_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro6 10 20170209_0309_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00086 aro7 0 20170209_0405_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00105 aro1 45 20170412_2304_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00105 aro2 20 20170413_0112_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00105 aro3 15 20170413_0303_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00105 aro4 35 20170413_0406_hip_procbasic_rz.nii s00105 aro5 0 20170413_0535_hip_procbasic_rz.nii


3dLMEr is functioning properly with my testing dataset. To facilitate a more thorough diagnosis, would it be possible for you to share a small sample of your data? This would enable me to pinpoint the root cause of the issue you're encountering.


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Weird. Thank you for your help.

I ran

file_tool -test -infiles

on the problematic script. It reported "0 bad characters."

For sharing, does the following work for you? I opened the relevant files on Biowulf to world access.

See Line 266 of


for the 3dLMEr command that succeeded. See Line 670 of


for the associated message of success.



for the 3dLMEr command that failed. See Line 119


for the associated message of failure.



for the input data, which was identical in both executions. Biowulf has downtime from "Thursday Nov 30 at 6 pm and running until Sunday Dec 3 at 8 pm," so this might need to wait until Monday.