Multiuser install on macOS

I have a user that needs AFNI installed in a computer lab environment (M1 processor, macOS 13). What's the best way to set up afni on a Mac so that all students who log in with their accounts can use it?


For those systems you would use the process, and so basically follow the instructions from: here. The main question is which person will own the homebrew and afni binary trees, as one person will be making them.

But basically, that person can run the entire install process, putting everything into their home directories and abin. Then the 2 pieces they would move are the actual abin directory itself (to a common location, like /usr/local/AFNI/bin, as well as the R_LIBS tree, maybe moving it to /usr/local/AFNI/R-XXX). Then give everyone read access to it all. Note that the build process could be modified to put things where they are wanted in the first place, but it might be easier to just run it an move them.

After that, any user would just add /usr/local/AFNI/bin to their PATH, and set R_LIBS to that R directory. This would include the original owner.

To update, the owner would just run something like: -build_root ~/afni_build

and everyone should immediately see those updates.

Does that seem reasonable?

  • rick