more fine-grained zoom factor control?

AFNI version info:
Precompiled binary macos_13_ARM_clang: Jan 9 2024 (Version AFNI_24.0.00 'Caracalla')

in the AFNI gui "Z" zooms in but it zooms quite a bit each time... is there a way to control the zoom factor? ideally each "Z" would zoom in less (and conversely a "z" would back up slower). i tried looking in my .afnirc, the "EditEnv" button and here and I'm not seeing a relevant environmental variable. just checking if i'm missing something; not necessarily asking for a new feature. thanks!

The crop feature shows only the area that's cropped. Would that work? For saving the image, consider the environment variable, AFNI_CROP_ZOOMSAVE, when saving the cropped image.

hi Daniel-

welllll.... I use AFNI_ZOOM_LOCK across multiple control windows all the time, panning around once zoomed in, so no, unfortunately cropping won't work with that. it's okay, i'll live!


With AFNI_CROP_AUTOCENTER set to YES, wouldn't that do what you want? Panning is a little more awkward, but it can be done with the arrow keys.

that's an interesting behavior. i think i like it for some purposes. but it's the locking that's key for me and cropping doesn't lock across controllers, right? it doesn't seem to, even though i have "AFNI_ALWAYS_LOCK = YES" in my .afnirc

The crosshairs lock and remain centered in the view with that AUTOCENTER variable, but the cropping doesn't lock to the same cropping. One way to do that is with a plugout command that sets the window in each controller to the same size crop window with the window property "crop=x1:x2,y1:y2"

plugout_drive -com 'OPEN_WINDOW A.axialimage crop=50:100,100:300'
-com 'OPEN_WINDOW B.axialimage crop=50:100,100:300' -quit

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