Model test failed

Thanks for any help.

When I use the command tcsh -x PreMVM.txt & I receive the following error message:

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Model test failed! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Possible reasons:

  1. Make sure that R packages afex and phia have been installed. See the 3dMVM
    help documentation for more details.

  2. Inappropriate model specification with options -bsVars, -wsVars, or -qVars.
    Note that within-subject or repeated-measures variables have to be declared
    with -wsVars.

  3. Incorrect specifications in general linear test coding with -gltCode.

  4. Mistakes in data table. Check the data structure shown above, and verify
    whether there are any inconsistencies.

  5. Inconsistent variable names which are case sensitive. For example, factor
    named Group in model specification and then listed as group in the table header
    would cause grief for 3dMVM.

  6. Not enough number of subjects. This may happen when there are two or more
    withi-subject factors. For example, a model with two within-subject factors with
    m and n levels respectively requires more than (m-1)*(n-1) subjects to be able to
    model the two-way interaction with the multivariate approach.

** Error:
Quitting due to model test failure…”

The input files are read in correctly. Here is part of my MVM file:

3dMVM -mask clippedfullmask.nii -prefix PreGroupPrecision1 -jobs 4
-model 1
-wsVars “oxyblankchange”
-num_glt 3
-gltLabel 1 oxyEff -gltCode 1 ‘oxy : 1HbO -1HbR’
-gltLabel 2 blankEff -gltCode 2 ‘blank : 1blank -1noblank’
-gltLabel 3 changeEff -gltCode 3 ‘change : 1change -1nochange’
Subj oxy blank change InputFile
S1004 HbO noblank nochange /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond1_unmaskedOxy.nii
S1004 HbR noblank nochange /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond1_unmaskedDeoxy.nii
S1004 HbO noblank change /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond3_unmaskedOxy.nii
S1004 HbR noblank change /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond3_unmaskedDeoxy.nii
S1004 HbO blank nochange /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond5_unmaskedOxy.nii
S1004 HbR blank nochange /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond5_unmaskedDeoxy.nii
S1004 HbO blank change /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond7_unmaskedOxy.nii
S1004 HbR blank change /home/abclab/Desktop/Precision1/S1004/viewer/Subject/1004_cond7_unmaskedDeoxy.nii \

I have 27 participants, and this is a 2x2x2 within-subjects design. The R packages afex and phia have been installed and there doesn’t seem to be any inconsistencies in the data table. I have also fixed bad characters in the MVM file.



Two possibilities:

  1. The mask could interfere the model testing. Try removing the following

-mask clippedfullmask.nii

If it works, you can apply the mask on the output.

  1. For the two factors of ‘blank’ and ‘change’, you named one of their two levels with the same factor name, which could confuse the program. So, change the naming to avoid the confusion.