MNI T1 and atlas not fully alliged

Hi AFNI experts,

I would like to use the atlas “MNI_caez_ml_18” to mask the epi data.
However, I found that “~/abin/MNI152_T1_2009c” and “~/abin/MNI_caez_ml_18” are not fully aligned, also for “~/abin/MNI_EPI” and “~/abin/MNI_caez_ml_18” .
Is this normal for warping epi data to template space “MNI_caez_ml_18”?
Please see the attached figure.

Thank you!

Yes, that ML (macrolabel) template from the Eickhoff-Zilles group (transformed from the SPM anatomy toolbox) is made for the MNI N27 specific subject template, and not for the 2009c MNI multi-subject template. These kind of variants make each atlas most accurate only for the template it was intended.