AFNI will now include the Human Connectome Project brain atlas in MNI space, originally from Glasser, et al, Nature 2016. It will be available by default in AFNI’s whereami output, both in the GUI and on the command line.

Thanks go to Meghan Robinson and Mike Beauchamp (both at Baylor College of Medicine) for this fine, specially crafted atlas. In its original form, the HCP atlas is available in Contee space. This dataset has been transformed first to FreeSurfer FSaverage space and then to AFNI via our standard mesh method on a FreeSurfer surface derived from the MNI 2009c template.

The atlas provides 180 regions for each hemisphere on the cortex based on a group average of 210 healthy young adults… The atlas is described in more detail here.

For more HCP atlas fun, see individual region surfaces, notes and intermediate datasets here:

Note this atlas has been primarily developed for surface analysis, and the original authors recommend its usage in a surface-based analysis. The version presented here is used as a convenience for volumetric analysis.