MNI_avg152T1+tlrc template missing from newer AFNI versions


I recently installed AFNI on Rocky Linux 8 and Ubuntu 22.04. In both versions, the "MNI_avg152T1+tlrc" template is missing from the abin directory. Our older versions of AFNI (AFNI 2019 and older installed on Red Hat 6 and 7 systems) include this template. Why is this template no longer included?


Hi, Eddie-

We updated the set of files we distribute by default, cleaning up several of the old ones that weren't deemed primarily necessary and adding some new useful ones.

If you need an old dset from previously distributed sets, you can get them here, from one of the previous afni_atlases_dist tarballs.

However, that particular one was removed because it is so blurry, that it didn't seem useful to keep in for primary processing. Consider how it looks (top row) compared to the MNI152_2009_template_SSW.nii.gz (bottom row) we typically recommend for MNI reference in FMRI processing:

The bottom row has much more clear structure to align to.

The benefits of higher-contrast and -resolution reference templates are described in these AFNI Academy videos:

Is there a particular reason you would like to use that dataset?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information. I will forward this to the researcher who requested the templates.


This was first announced in this post:

Thanks! We will start using the recommended template.