missing value in "-stim_times_AM2"

Hi AFNI Gurus,
The option of “-stim_times_AM2” in 3dDeconvolve allows inputs of multiple amplitudes in format like this:
however, I am wondering if missing values are allowed for some of the amplitudes so some inputs can be like this:
2,-6,@” with the “@” indicating a missing value

I guess that I can manually create multiple regressors for each of the amplitude modulations and manually remove those missing events in respective regressors; but the “@” solution is more convenient if available.

Sorry, there is no mechanism for that, as far as I know.

I would make a separate regressor class for all trials
with missing modulators, and not modulate those events
at all (i.e. only model the mean response). So one class
would have all modulators, the other would have none.

  • rick