Missing features, Inconsistent presentation between admin user and non-admin users

Hello afni experts,

tur50860@cla19097:/data/projects/STUDIES/SEAT/fMRI/Masks$ afni -ver
Precompiled binary linux_openmp_64: Jan 29 2024 (Version AFNI_24.0.03 'Caracalla')

I am having trouble with afni plugins across all the users in my lab. When I open afni these errors crop up:

When one right clicks the viewing window, several important features are missing (pointedly, the Where Am I? feature)

We have updated afni today, however for the first time our admin sudo user needed to use the root to do so. We typically have afni automatically update every time we restart our linux machine. Interestingly, when I ssh with the admin user info and open afni, all of these issues vanish. E.g. no warning about plugins and several features in the right click menu reappear:

Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue for all users on our linux server? Thank you all

You may have AFNI_PLUGINPATH set and pointed to an older directory or two copies of AFNI in your path, with the older one earlier in the path. Check for that variable in your environment with


It may be set in your .afnirc file or in your shell's startup configuration file.

Look for two AFNI's in your path with

echo $PATH
where afni
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Thanks so much!!! I used the AfniEnv -get to see what the correct path was supposed to be, then I used the -set variable to change it. Appreciate your help