Missing Data for a Single Run

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to handle a situation whereby two of my participants are missing 1 run each of their fMRI data. There should be a total of 6 runs, but these two people have only 5 runs. In each case, I do still have the behavioural stim_time files and responses. Should I (a) mark the missing row in the stim_time files as ‘no responses’ by writing “* *”, or should I (b) leave the row out entirely since afni_proc will only pick up on 5 runs and therefore look for 5 rows in the stim_time file?

Thanks in advance!

  • Brady

Hi Brady,

Since only 5 runs would be passed to afni_proc.py, the timing files would similarly not contain any reference to a 6th run.

Assuming you still have all of the final betas, typically the only extra work would be to mention this in the paper submission, since that subject might be a little less reliable.

  • rick

Perfect! Thanks, Rick.