Maximum file size

Hello, I have a quick question. What is the maximum size of a file which AFNI programs can handle fine without getting hung?
Apparently, 37GB is too BIG. thanks. -Linda

An uncompressed dataset in .HEAD/.BRIK format is mapped into memory from disk, which can work with very large files. Otherwise, you must have more memory (RAM) available than the size of the file. Memory mapped large files might work, but they will tend to be very slow if there isn’t enough RAM to page them into memory.

So really, the answer to your question depends on the amount of memory you have available. On the NIMH Linux cluster, the nodes have 120 GB each. But my desktop has only 16 GB.

There is a limit that the amount of data in a single volume can’t be more than 2 giga-voxels. That is, a single volume can’t be very large itself. There is no intrinsic AFNI upper limit on the size of a multi-volume dataset, except for this limit on the size of a single volume. This limit arises from the use of 32-bit ints to store 3D indexes.