Local Motion Regressors

Hi, I am to use motion regressors on a run by run basis in 3dDeconvovle. With -local_times I can have each of 6 runs read as starting from each line, but when I do the same for movement regressors like the following:
-stim_file 9 movement_regressor1.txt -stim_base 9 -stim_label 9 mmx

I get the error:

WARNING: 1D file movement_regressor1.txt has 6 rows and 556 columns: ignoring later columns

How can I use these motion regressor files?

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

How did you make those? They seem to be horizontal.

While -local_times files have rows of stimulus times,
those motion files do not contain times, they are
actual regressors, and should be vertical.

It might be good to run your analysis with afni_proc.py
for comparison, just to see. You could apply the
-regress_motion_per_run option, to do similar per-run
motion regression.

  • rick