Laptop Advice

Good afternoon,

Can anyone provide any advice on whether any laptops on the market are powerful enough for dual boot (Linux and Windows) and performing imaging analysis?

What specs are ideal for imaging analysis to run smoothly?


Yes, you can find many laptops that are useful for running both Linux and Windows. We recommend at least 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. In our group, we have been using lightweight models from Lenovo for Linux (X1 Carbon, Yoga 900), but they do get shipped with Windows. I expect similar models from HP and Dell give similar performance. Touchscreen drivers are still somewhat lacking under Linux, but there is some rudimentary support. Still, we’re able to use these quite well for AFNI and SUMA use. The Microsoft Surface Pro and its variants are fine too, but dual boot may be more difficult because of various driver issues. The Surface Pro BIOS also doesn’t allow virtualbox applications within windows. That also applies to the most recent Surface Laptop. On the Surface and other Windows machines, you can use the new Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. See the recent posting about that.