label voxels by area name (using atlas)

I am doing an analysis where i end up selecting a subset of brain voxels responsible for a disease. I would like to do further statistical analysis on this subset of voxels. It would be of great help in presenting my results if i can link each voxel with its brain area based on some atlas. That is, lets say i have selected 100 voxels from the brain. Instead of saying that they are voxel 1, voxel 2 , …, voxel 100, i can hopefully say the brain area of each voxel (it would also give an idea if more than one voxel belong to the same area etc.).

Prateek Sasan

You may use whereami from the command line or inside the afni GUI. Atlas regions are output for each coordinate. From the command line, you may provide a list of coordinates. A single atlas, a list of atlases or all available atlases may be specified to query coordinates against. You can specify the space of the coordinates or an example dataset with a particular template space. Template spaces may be traversed to make use of atlases in other template spaces using established/specified affine, 12-piece manual or Brett transformations, as in transformations between MNI and TLRC spaces.

Thanks. This is quite helpful.