Issue with final_anat in

Hey all,

I’m having an issue with

Long story short, I’ve ended up breaking the preprocessing and GLM into separate steps/scripts, and am passing the arguments to myself because it doesn’t know where to find them. That’s fine, but it’s giving me trouble when I try to specify the final anatomical file. I’ve verified that the files are all in the current directory and that everything’s spelled right.

Here is the command I’m using (ERwD004 is the subject number for this subject):

$ -mot_limit 0.3 -exit0 -xmat_regress X.xmat.1D -final_anat anat_final.ERwD004+tlrc.HEAD

And below is the error I’m getting (it throws more errors because it’s missing other parameters in the above command, but I’ve solved those without any issues)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/data/nil-external/mcl/tools/afni/”, line 2679, in
File “/data/nil-external/mcl/tools/afni/”, line 2672, in main
if me.write_scripts():
File “/data/nil-external/mcl/tools/afni/”, line 2020, in write_scripts
if self.make_drive_script(): return 1
File “/data/nil-external/mcl/tools/afni/”, line 2226, in make_drive_script
if self.drive_align_check(): return 1
File “/data/nil-external/mcl/tools/afni/”, line 2490, in drive_align_check
apre = self.dsets.final_anat.prefix
AttributeError: ‘VarsObject’ object has no attribute ‘final_anat’

Any thoughts?


[afni -ver: Precompiled binary linux_openmp_64: Jan 3 2017 (Version AFNI_17.0.00)]

That is fixed now, sorry.

Would you like a new package tonight?

Thanks for bringing it up!

  • rick

Great, thank you! I was worried that I’d missed something obvious.

And I’m in no rush to get the new package - just working on updating some of our scripts for future use.

Thanks again!

Actually, new binaries should be ready now,
if you would like them.

  • rick