Issue running 3dMVM with between subjects variable

I am currently trying to run 3dMVM with a between subjects variable, but I keep getting this error:

Possible reasons:
0) Make sure that R packages afex and phia have been installed. See the 3dMVMhelp documentation for more details. 
1) Inappropriate model specification with options -bsVars, -wsVars, or -qVars. Note that within-subject or repeated-measures variables have to be declared with -wsVars.
2) Incorrect specifications in general linear test coding with -gltCode.
3) Mistakes in data table. Check the data structure shown above, and verify whether there are any inconsistencies.
4) Inconsistent variable names which are case sensitive. For example, factor named Group in model specification and then listed as group in the table header would cause grief for 3dMVM.
5) Not enough number of subjects. This may happen when there are two or more within-subject factors. For example, a model with two within-subject factors with m and n levels respectively requires more than (m-1)*(n-1) subjects to be able to model the two-way interaction with the multivariate approach.

** Error:
   Quitting due to model test failure...

Here is the beginning of my MVM file:
3dMVM -mask clippedfullmask2mm.nii -prefix DL_LongANOVA -jobs 4 \
-resid DL_LongTasks_RESID_2mm.nii \ \
-bsVars Age \
-wsVars "oxy*Dimension*Task" \
-dataTable  \
Subj Age oxy Dimension Task InputFile \
S138 Three HbO Color Production /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C1_unmaskO_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbO Color Comprehension /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C2_unmaskO_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbO Shape Production /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C3_unmaskO_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbO Shape Comprehension /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C4_unmaskO_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbR Color Production /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C1_unmaskR_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbR Color Comprehension /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C2_unmaskR_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbR Shape Production /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C3_unmaskR_scale2mm.nii \
S138 Three HbR Shape Comprehension /home/abclab/Desktop/DL_2/S138/viewer/Subject/138_C4_unmaskR_scale2mm.nii \

It reads the input files correctly, but gives me that error shortly after. A similar within subjects design without the between subjects variable (just Oxy X Dim X Task) runs just fine, and I've made sure to fix bad backslashes, in addition to making sure R and afni are up to date. I've also tried deleting the mask line part from the 3dMVM file, and running the ANOVA on both a Linux and Mac computer to see if that would fix the problem, but no luck so far. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



One problem with your script is that the variable ‘age’ is quantitative: Without an explicit declaration, 3dMVM simply treats it as a categorical variable (factor). So, add the following in your script:

-qVars ‘Age’ \

I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Justin Rajendra’s nice auxiliary tool for 3dMVM that may assist in the script constructing process: