Inter-Subject Correlation

Hi everyone

I’m doing an research on natural viewing data set using Inter subject correlation analysis.
I do know the method to calculate ISC and wrote script for my self.
However I have to use more than 100 subjects for ISC so by using my own script makes a limitation of long computational time.
I’ve saw a banner at the homepage of afni that is about Inter-subject correlation.
So… Is there any possibility for me to get a script for ISC calculation?

thank you


You can do the pairwise correlations with 3dTcorrelate and then Gang is finishing up work on 3dISC, the group level analysis program, but he may be willing to send you a less pretty script that will do the LME part of things.

There’s also the BrainIAK[/url] project which has [url=]group analysis ISC methods. It’s fairly easy to do this from the pairwise steps from AFNI as well.

I’m close to finishing up 3dISC. So if you can wait, hopefully it would be officially released in a few days.