Install older AFNI version on Mac M1


Is it possible to install a older version, namely 21.1.09, on a Mac with chip M1?
Which procedure should I follow?


Hi, Giovani-

I think that should be possible. If you are already using AFNI on that computer, I think you should be able to just run: \
    -build_root $HOME/afni_build \
    -package macos_13_ARM_clang \
    -git_tag AFNI_21.1.09

Most of that command is just the normal build command, with the git_tag .. option added to allow specifying a particular build.


Hi Paul,

I was not using AFNI on this specific computer.
I started by installing the current version following the guide for chip M1 Mac, but I get the error "command not found" both when I type "afni" and " -check_all", even though I could see the latter in the abin folder.

OK. If you haven't gone through the AFNI install steps, then you need to follow the first couple steps here for macOS ARM/M1/M2/etc, in order to get all dependencies for building and running AFNI.

In step E above, that is basically downloading+running another installer script, called OS_notes.macos_12_b_user.tcsh, which contains a command; that can be edited to have the -git_tag ... option.

If you have gone through setup and abin/ exists with files in it, but you aren't able to run them, then likely that location has either not been added to your shell's path. Can you open a new terminal and see then if which afni outputs the location to the program "afni", which it should? (Opening a new terminal means that the ~/.*rc and/or ~/.*profile file for the shell is read or sourced, where the abin is likely added to your shell path.)


That's exactly what I did, step E included.
If I type "which afni", I still get "afni: Command not found".
My login shell is set on /bin/tcsh by default, so I set the path (Set path = ( $path ~/abin ) in the ~/.tcshrc file. Is that correct?

To double check---in the ~/.tcshrc file, is the "set" really with a capital "S"? The default macOS text editor will do that, but you should keep it lowercase.

Typically, the AFNI installer script will put the

set path = ( $path ~/abin )

line in ~/.cshrc, and then make sure that that file is sourced from ~/.tcshrc (the latter of which has preference in order of shell reading). Is that the case?


Let me say.. thank you for this time you are devoting to help me!

Anyhow, as you can see in the screenshot attached, I do no see the ~/.cshrc file.

That's surprising. Did you run the 3 setup/install scripts from the main page?


I did, twice. But obviously I did something wrong, despite I don't know what.
I can try a third time. How do I prepare for that, just removing the abin folder? Or only its content?

Maybe it will help if I can see the contents of the relevant ~/.* files. I will PM you about packaging+sending that.