Inquiry about the features of Anatomy Toolbox

Hi AFNI Gurus,
As you all know that seed/ROI-based connectivity analysis has become popular. There have been some advances that define anatomical sub-regions by post-mortem histology. Say, delineate the sub-nuclei of a subcortical structure based on histological characteristics and meanwhile align the MRI (of course, the same brain image obtained before resection) to MNI template. The resultant probabilistic maps lay the foundation to define the sub-nuclei (or sub-regions) in MRI that can be applied to other individuals for connectivity analysis, etc.
I’d to ask whether AFNI may incorporate the contributions from other research groups like this? For example, input the probabilistic map (normalized/registered to a template) to AFNI, then use that to derive the mask and volume of different individuals? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Best wishes, SZ Lin

In the current version of AFNI, we provide the Eickhoff-Zilles cytoarchitectonic atlases from the SPM Anatomy toolbox version 1.8. Many of the structures included there were created from 10 post-mortem subjects, aligned together by that group and presented as both probability maps and maximum probability maps of delineated regions.