Influence of different scanning parameters of MRI on morphological analysis

Hello, everyone:
In fact, I have encountered some questions. I am studying the aging of rhesus monkeys and people. Because my data lacks some old rhesus monkeys, I selected 19 old rhesus monkeys (University of California, Davis) from the public resource INDI PRIME. But obviously, the scanning parameters between us are different, and I already know that different B values will bring great influence in DWI. However, there are still some questions about T1 and fmri. After the morphological analysis (SBM) of my T1 and T1 in UC, I found that the results are similar to those of previous studies. For FMRI, it hasn't started yet. My question is different scanning parameters. Can it be used for morphological research (T1 and Fmri) together? How can I receive your reply? I will be very grateful.