Images as datasets

The latest build of AFNI (18.0.12, Feb 2 2018) has, in addition to the BIDS-aware ‘-bysub’ option, also has the “feature” that .jpg and .png image files will be loaded as 2D “datasets”. I added this feature since some BIDS-formatted dataset collections from have .png files included that graph various things about the data. This change to AFNI allows a user to see these image inside AFNI at the same time heesh* is looking at the corresponding datasets.

To view such a dataset, use the Axial image viewer (perhaps in a ‘New’ AFNI controller), since there are no slices in the I-S direction. Note that image datasets are “oriented” to be Left-to-Right, so viewing with the default Left-is-Left (“neuroscience”) setting in AFNI will be OK. But if you have switched your AFNI viewing so that subject Right on the screen Left (“radiology setting”), then image datasets will be Left-Right mirrored when opened. To fix that, press the ‘l’ (lower case ‘L’) key when the mouse cursor focus is over the image viewer.

If you do NOT want these files automatically loaded when you start the AFNI GUI, set the Unix environment variable AFNI_IMAGE_DATASETS to NO.

  • “heesh” is a gender-agnostic pronoun invented by science fiction Poul Anderson a long time ago – I remember it from a book I read when I was a teen, and that was a LONG time ago :frowning: