How to manipulate background dset through DriveSUMA ?


I want to show aparc.a2009s.annot.niml.dset on surface.

As surface being loaded, aparc.a2009s.annot.niml.dset was loaded automatically as background dset in Ord 0 with -Dsp mode XXX.
How to change the Ord & Opa & Dsp of this background label dset by DriveSUMA command?

Thank you very much.


My guess is you have changed the value of SUMA_ShowLabelDsetAtStartup in your .sumarc file in your home directory. DriveSuma doesn’t turn that on if it’s off, but the other way works. If it is showing, you can turn it off by sending a ‘b’ key to the viewer controller.

DriveSuma -com viewer_cont -key ‘b’

That works as a toggle, so doing it multiple time changes the background coloring off and on. Other methods for turning off the labeling are:

  1. Removing the annotation from the spec file
    LabelDset = ./std.141.lh.aparc.a2009s.annot.niml.dset
  2. Defining the variable in .sumarc, shell or command line.
    suma -spec std.141.MNI_N27_lh.spec -DSUMA_ShowLabelDsetAtStartup=No