How to get space information of a dataset?


We know that the space information is stored in the header of a AFNI dataset and we can use 3drefit to modify the space information, but this command just change the metadata, not the real BRICK data.
Imaging that I’ve got a AFNI file and it’s space information has been changed to MNI, but I’m not sure whether it’s data has also been transformed, besides looking at the history command list, how can we identify the space of a dataset by looking at the BRICK file? are there any good ideas?
Thank you for your precious time and look forward to your reply!


Well, there is no absolute way other than knowing the history of the dataset. You could compare dimensions and coordinate locations with a template or atlas. Still none of this guarantees a particular space. If you are looking at a whole brain dataset, you could check if the alignment is better with some MNI template versus something else, but hard to say what the “something else” is. If you are looking at a mask region, then you might look for overlap with that region in an atlas, but I am not sure what the point would be, if you can just get the region again. If the dataset is a cluster or set of clusters, then I doubt there are any absolute solutions.