How to convert header info from tlrc to MNI

Hello AFNI minds,

I’d like to be able to invoke a brain mask I made in AFNI tlrc space to be able to be applied in 3dDeconvolve to a time-series dataset in MNI space (generated in SPM so as to try out its ArtRepair plugin).

Even though 3dinfo tells me the voxel dimensions (2mm isotropic) of the mask and the MNI-transformed time series are the same, and the overall dimensions are the same, I keep getting an error message in 3dDecvonvolve that the invoked -mask dataset is not readable. I noticed that the mask dataset keeps saying tlrc space, and the time series says MNI. Can I convert the header info? 3dRefit does not appear to have an option for transitioning between atlas spaces (without actually transforming the data).

Interestingly trying -automask gives me an error saying “automask is too small”.

Any ideas?

I don’t think this is a template space issue here for 3dDeconvolve. If you know this mask is in the same space as the other datasets, then you can use 3dresample with the -master option to match the grid and the orientation (which is probably what you are missing here).