Histogram of Multiple Individual Subjects

Hello afni world!

We just recently discovered the Histogram and Scatterplot functions within afni data viewing. This is great, but as far as we can tell only allows you to view a histogram of every voxel in a single brain. We are interested in a way to look at each subject in our dataset as a histogram or scatterplot to see if any one subject is an outlier. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this?

Thank you!


How about the command line program 1dplot?

For a histogram, you can do:

1dplot -hist ...

For a scatterplot:

1dplot -box -noline

Note there is also the very handy gen_ss_review_table.py program, to combine the output’s of afni_proc.py’s automatically-generated review tables into a single spreadsheet/csv file across a group. See for example page 23ff here: