GLTsymtest errors


i am new to afni and i am currently trying to learn how to use this program. For practice I would like to use to generate a script. I encountered the following problem: in the section ‘symbolic GLTs’, I use the ‘init with examples’ button to give me some suggestions for contrasts.
When i click later on ‘generate script’ i get the following error message:

GLTsymtest errors
valid GLT labels are: ‘vis aud’
**GLT ERROR for gltsym 1: ‘vis -aud’
**GLT ERROR for -gltsym 2: ‘0.5vis +0.5aud’

The first label is ‘V-A’ and the symbolic GLT is ‘vis -aud’
The second label is ‘mean.VA’ and the symbolic GLT ‘0.5vis +0.5aud’

I don t understand what i am doing wrong, especially when those contrasts were generated by using the ‘init with examples’ button.
It would be great to get some help on this!

Thanks a lot

Hi Carolin,

So you are running this on the AFNI_data6/FT_analysis
sample data?

I wonder if this is a python3 thing, and it ends up comparing
different types of strings. I’ll run a test…

What does “python --version” show?

  • rick

Okay, this does not seem to be a python 3 thing.

What does “afni -ver” show?

  • rick

Hi Rick,

thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I practiced with the AFNI_data6.
The afni version is afni 18.1.09. It looks like the problem is resolved though. It might have been a permission problem. As other problems followed this GLTsymtest errors. But it looks like a programmer could fix it.


Thanks for the update, Carolin. I am glad
you got that resolved.

  • rick