GLT syntax error in 3dMVM


I’m trying to run 3dMVM and getting an error about syntax on GLT 4. I’ve pasted the top part of my script for your consideration. I am interested in the effect of a drug (lupron vs. control), rank (a continuous variable), and the interaction between drug and rank on connectivity with my seed (bilateral amygdala). For GLT4, I tried to follow the syntax described in gltLabel 3 of example 2 (, but it’s throwing an error. that the model or GLT specification syntax is not correct.
I’m not exactly sure I’m even capturing the effects I’m interested in with my syntax. With GLT 2, I want to test main effect of drug; with GLT 3, I want to test main effect of rank, with GLT 4 I want to test the interaction of drug and rank, and with GLT, I want to test the interaction between drug, rank, and hemisphere. Please advise how I can fix my script. Thank you so so much!


3dMVM -prefix Amygdala_wholebrain_treatment_rank -jobs 10
-bsVars ‘treatment’
-wsVars ‘hemisphere’
-qVars ‘rank’
-mask /projects/testing_atlases/112RM-SL_T1_F99/112RM-SL_T1_F99_1.5mm_thr100_mask.nii.gz
-num_glt 5
-gltLabel 1 amygdala_baseline -gltCode 1 ‘hemisphere : 1left 1right’
-gltLabel 2 treatment_effect -gltCode 2 ‘treatment : 1Lupron -1Control’
-gltLabel 3 rank_effect -gltCode 3 ‘rank :’
-gltLabel 4 treatment_x_rank -gltCode 4 ‘treatment : 1Lupron -1Control rank :’
-gltLabel 5 treatment_x_rank_x_hemisphere -gltCode 5 ‘treatment : 1Lupron -1Control hemisphere : 1right -1left rank :’
-dataTable Subj hemisphere rank treatment InputFile
RAa12 left 0.16 Control /data/home//RAa12_rev_L_Amygdala_seed_map.nii.gz


You need to declare that ‘rank’ is also a between-subjects variable:

-bsVars ‘treatment*rank’ \