getting binary regressors for peak of cardiac response

Dear AFNI,

I’m using to get cardiac regressors for each slice in a 4D dataset, from cardiac/respiratory data recorded while it was collected. This yields regressors with this naming scheme

<slice #, starting at 0>. <RVT 0-4> <Card0-Card3)

Our ultimate goal is to detect the slices where peaks of the cardiac response occurred, producing a binary time series for each slice. More concretely, we would take the output of, e.g.


and turn it into a #time points x #slices binary matrix. I already extracted the #time points x #regressors_per_slice matrix from that output, if that helps.

What is the best way of accomplishing this? I was told I might need to use lib_RetroTS/ for that, but there is very little documentation for it…

thank you for your help!