generate an ROI based on group activation - cluster too big

Hi everyone,

I wanted to generate a group mask (an ROI) based on the functional group activations.
I was thinking of using the 3dclusterize command However my cluster of interest does not show up there (actually looking from the GUI report) . It’s strange cause its’ a big cluster.

Editing: it actually shows up I see it when I click on the Flash option but as en entire huge cluster , is there anyway to delineate the brain region I’m interested in?
Thanks in advance.

Basically I would like to extract only where my crosshair is (temporal areas) but because activations spread out all the way to the frontal area I can’t get just this cluster; and then when I raised the threshold then I loose some of the part I want in my mask

It’s kind of a philosophical question—what is the region of interest supposed to represent? Strictly speaking, a region is a region if you want to present it as a thiing that passed a certain threshold. Do you want the subregion for more descriptive purposes?