Freeze Montage Slices


When using a montage view, I was wondering if it is possible to click on one of the sub-windows without having it become the new center slice position? I would like to be able to set up the montage and “freeze” the slices, but be able to click else for example when using instacorr. Is this possible, if so, how do I do this?

Thank you for any help!

Hmm, I understand the purpose of that, but I don’t think that functionality exists, unfortunately.

One way to view the results of seedbased correlation globally is to have a surface mesh of the anatomical (e.g., made in FreeSurfer) open in SUMA and some dset in the same space open in AFNI, and turn on the “talking” ability between the two GUIs—they will send info back and forth, and this will display the InstaCorr results on the surface mesh. (One just also needs to include the “-niml” option when opening each of the GUIs.)

Do you have surface/FreeSurfer output for something like this?


Interesting request. Hopefully, Bob will take pity on you. I thought of a terribly kludgey method though - using plugouts.

afni -DAFNI_RECENTER_VIEWING=Y -yesplugouts

That tells AFNI to recenter the AFNI viewer with Then each time you want to move the montage back to the center of the dataset, you can do this:

plugout_drive -com “SWITCH_UNDERLAY mydset.nii.gz” -quit

or alias that command with something like this:
alias cds 'plugout_drive -com “SWITCH_UNDERLAY mydset.nii.gz” -quit

Then typing “cds” will drive afni to center that dataset, including montages. If you want to go to another coordinate, you could do that with the plugout command