Font used for @chauffeur_afni label


Could you please let me know the font used for @chauffeur_afni label? I am adding some annotations on the @chauffeur_afni generated figure using ImageMagick, just want to make them look similar to the label (slice coordinates) on the figure. I searched for a little while from the source code, but could not find it. Thanks a lot.


Hi, Zhengchen-

The labels are not written in a font, but instead are line-drawn characters.

A description/comment from the code itself about method of plotting labels:

It's a hangover from the original NCAR graphics code,
which was code for driving pen plotters, and this library was
written by the pre-Zhark RWC to emulate NCAR graphics for non-pen devices.
Which also explains why these are line-drawn characters, not from fonts :(


And looking at this table of NCAR functions, I believe it would be the first time in the list, prwritx_database, which is also described in more detail here. It seems like this Ubuntu library PCHIQU might emulate the fonts, too.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the explanation. I will read and try it.