Few questions for @DriveAfni and DriveSuma


A task of mine involves creating figures of cluster-corrected functional activation overlaid over suma, with the hemispheres pried open.

I have most of the process automated using a DriveAfni + DriveSuma script, save for prying the hemispheres open (i.e. ctrl + mouse-drag left). Can this be automated via DriveSuma?

Also, is applying cluster correction available through DriveAfni? If not, I can always make the maps using 3dclusterize → 3dVol2Surf instead.


My initial thought is that there isn’t a driving of the prying brain; one might typically use a single hemisphere. I thought a cheating way of doing it would be to pry open the hemispheres, and then do File → Save View; you could add loading that view to your driving commands, then, to get the brain open. However, I see that the “prying” is not saved in the information of the *.vvs file, so even this won’t work, unfortunately. We can see if someone else has a better idea, though… This does sound like something that should be included in drive-ability.

For volumetric clusterizing, I think this, too, you would do “offline”, and then load in. The Clusterize button in the GUI really just sets up a 3dClusterize command anyways. You can load the clusterized volume as an overlay in AFNI and have it projected onto the surface while the AFNI and SUMA GUIs are “talking”, or you could use 3dVol2Surf from the command line to turn the volume into a surface, yes.

This may/may not be useful to you at this point, but here are a couple videos about visualization ROIs on a SUMA surface from the AFNI Academy series: