FCP/INDI Release Announcement: ABIDE II

FCP/INDI Release Announcement: ABIDE II

The establishment of ABIDE I demonstrated the feasibility and utility of aggregating MRI data across sites. However, the complexity of the connectome, along with the substantial heterogeneity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and initial results from ABIDE I data analyses, underscore the need for even larger and better-characterized samples.

Accordingly, with the support of an award from the National Institute of Mental Health (R21MH107045), ABIDE II was established to further promote discovery science on the brain connectome in ASD. To date, ABIDE II has aggregated over 1000 additional datasets with greater phenotypic characterization, particularly in regard to measures of core ASD and associated symptom domains. In addition, two special collections include longitudinal samples of data collected from 38 individuals at two time points (interval: 1-4 years). To date, ABIDE II involves 17 sites - nine charter institutions and six new members – overall donating 1044 datasets from 557 individuals with ASD and 587 controls (age range: 5-64 years). These data are now openly available via the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project / INDI based on NITRC. To learn more, go to: http://fcon_1000.projects.nitrc.org/indi/abide/

Adriana Di Martino, MD
Research Director, Autism Spectrum Disorder Research and Clinical Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Child Study Center at NYU Langone Medical Center

Michael P. Milham, MD, PhD
Phyllis Green and Randolph Cowen Scholar
Director, Center for the Developing Brain
Child Mind Institute

Director, Center for Biomedical Imaging and Neuromodulation
Research Psychiatrist
Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research