fat_proc_imit2w_from_t1w error

Hello -

I’m currently using the ‘fat_proc_imit2w_from_t1w’ function to convert T1ws to imitation T2ws for DIFFPREP structural registration. Reading AFNI helpfile for the function explains:

NB: if you use a volume made this way as a reference in TORTOISE,
  then at least for ~adult-human-like (imitation) t2w volumes, at
  present it seems like you should use the option:
    --enforce_deformation_antisymmetry 1
  This seems to improve registration.

However, when I try to run the command with this option…

fat_proc_imit2w_from_t1w -inset T1_proc/anat.nii.gz -mask T1_proc/anat_brain.nii.gz -prefix T1_proc/anat_t2w --enforce_deformation_antisymmetry 1

I get the following error:

** unexpected option #7 = '--enforce_deformation_antisymmetry'

As of this moment (5:30pm on 2017-10-06), I have the most up-to-date binaries. Any ideas for why this option is unexpected?

Thank you!

Howdy, Pete:

Sorry, perhaps the helpfile is a bit misleading. The usage of “–enforce_deformation_antisymmetry 1” is for when you run TORTOISE’s DR_BUDDI later, not the fat_proc* command at this moment.


Thank you for the clarification Paul!

…and many thanks for the new fat_proc* scripts. They are game-changing.


Hi, Pete-

Glad you like 'em.

Any feedbacks/suggestions are also welcome.