Failed of saving pictures to disk in SUMA

Hi AFNI experts,

Having been using SUMA for plotting for a while, but i still not sure how to save the current view to a jpg file. I know the shortcut key like ctrl+r or ctrl+R, but it just fail for many times. Furthermore, the message when i enter ctrl+r as follows:
++ Notice SUMA_R_Key (SUMA_input.c:2445 @14:06:30):
Oversampling now set to 1
Not sure what is wrong, thanks a lot for your help.


Hi, Jack-

What OS are you on (Mac, Linux, Windows subsystem linux…), and what is your AFNI version (“afni -ver”)?

On my linux, the following functionalities exist:
ctrl+r – save single image
shift+r – recording ON/OFF toggle
ctrl+shift+r – disk recording ON/OFF toggle
alt+r – oversampling value set (toggle through a list)

On Macs, I think instead of “alt+r”, the “command+r” (“apple+r”) controls the oversampling.

I think that on some Macs I have had the misfortune to use, the “ctrl+r” and “command+r” functionalities were reversed; that is, hitting “command+r” (or “apple-r”) should toggle through an oversampling list, and “ctrl+r”. So, if you are using a Mac, you can see if that works?

Also, if you have “Num Lock” on, sometimes that can also do weird things with keypresses in both the afni and suma GUIs.

Finally, for completeness, here is a list of keypresses on Macs to enable/free-up (but I don’t think these apply in your situation here):


Hi Paul,

Sorry for not provide the system info, the OS is ubuntu 16.04 and afni version is Version AFNI_20.1.07. I just updated afni last month, and the weirdest thing is all the other short cut like ctrl+R or alt+r could work, except the ctrl+r. I can save images in a different way by tapping shift+r, meaning that turn on the recording mode first, and save the current screen shot image next. Thanks for your advice.


Check your keyboard shortcuts and other applications that might grab that key.

I also use ubuntu 16.04, just turn off "Num Lock" button on your keyboard, then "Ctrl+r" can work.

PS: I used to use a 87 keys keyboard without "Num Lock", now i change it with 104 keys :)

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