Extract Beta Values

Dear AFNI experts,

I would like to extract all the beta values from one sub-brik in stats.xxx+orig.BRIK, which also have the corresponding coordinators to allow me knowing their relative locations. I think I may able to do that by using BrikLoad.m. However, I am not able to find this script. The link provided in the previous message seems broke.

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Dear AFNI experts,

I figured it out!! So, just reply it for a record. I used BrikLoad.m which was downloaded in https://github.com/princetonuniversity/princeton-mvpa-toolbox to extract the beta values, and then I used 3dbucket to extract the sub-brick I want to use. And then, I used the code in this website http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~mchung/softwares/file.conversion/. It works!

Thanks for the update, Alicia. It looks like using NIFTI is
also an option, which might be easier. If so, you could
use 3dbucket to extract a NIFTI volume of interest, e.g.

3dbucket -prefix fave_vol.nii stats.xxx+orig

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