event list from timing_tool.py


I am interested in creating an event list based in the 1D files that were created from make_random_timing.py.

What I am after is a list that simply tells me the order of the conditions. I imagine it would look something like this:

start of run1 start of run2
condition1 condition8
condition2 condition4
condition7 condition2
… …
condition2 condition8
end of run1 end of run2

I don’t need any TR or timing information. From all the examples in timing_tool.py, I can’t seem to find one that actually puts the condition labels in.

I tried example 12, but it just gave me a list of numbers not a list of condition labels.

cd stim_results
set iter = 0002

timing_tool.py -multi_timing stimes.${iter}*.1D
-multi_timing_to_event_list index elist.txt

Christine Smith

Hi Christine,

Consider example 13a from timing_tool.py -help:

  timing_tool.py -multi_timing stim.* -multi_timing_to_event_list GE:ALL -

I use the quite frequently when reviewing timing files.

Note that the final ‘-’ could be a file name, if you wanted
to just save the table to a file.

  • rick