Error with creating AVol@Epi in within @Retino.Proc

AFNI version info (afni -ver): Version AFNI_17.2.06

Hello, I am analyzing some retinotopy scan data, and running into a problem with @Retino.Proc, when I use my own data,, and even when I use the Demo dataset I got from here:

Sample Data:
You can download a test dataset, generously contributed by Peter J. Kohler
and Sergey V. Fogelson from:

Below is the error message:

Using to create AVol@Epi
File "/usr/local/afni/", line 1170
print "** ERROR: seem to have trailers, but cannot find them!"
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(...)?
3drename: No match.

Error: No Experiment Anatomy AVol@Epi+orig (.HEAD or .BRIK)
in current directory
** ERROR: THD_read_dvecmat: can't open dataset SVol@Epi+orig.HEAD
** FATAL ERROR: Can't read matrix from >'SVol@Epi+orig.HEAD::WARPDRIVE_MATVEC_INV_000000'

I know I have a syntax error the print function as well (likely to do with my Python version), but more importantly, I shouldn't be getting this error at all if my trailers were properly set to empty, or in the correct format.

This is the python snippet where they run into the error (not my script, from AFNI):

def get_user_opts(self):
self.valid_opts.check_special_opts(sys.argv) #ZSS March 2014
self.user_opts = read_options(sys.argv, self.valid_opts)
if self.user_opts == None: return 1 #bad
# no options: apply -help
if ( len(self.user_opts.olist) == 0 or
len(sys.argv) <= 1 ) :
ps.ciao(0) # terminate
if self.user_opts.trailers:
opt = self.user_opts.find_opt('trailers')
if not opt:
print "** ERROR: seem to have trailers, but cannot find them!"
print "** ERROR: have invalid trailing args: %s",
return 1 # failure

The closest discussion about this that I found is here: : error message

The last discussion point suggests that deleting Py3 files resolves the issue.
But I don't know if deleting Py3 files on my machine is a viable option.

Has anyone else run into this? How did you resolve it?

Thank you so much!

Your version of AFNI is more than 6 years old. Consider updating that first. Also, if I understand your question, rename your dataset to avoid special characters in the name.

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Thanks so much! I was hesitant to update AFNI first since the other poster didn't seem to have much luck, but I will get this a shot before downgrading Python.