Error with

Hello AFNI community,

I am trying the program

OS: Mac Hihg Sierra,
Verion: AFNI_18.1.23 (May 30 2018) -anat 0003/T1/T1.nii -epi 0003/FMRI/do_stc_ds_tc_BOLD.nii -epi_base 10 -AddEdge -giant_move -anat_has_skull yes -epi_strip none -volreg_method 3dAllineate

I got an error that my dataset was oblique and I should use 3dWarp -deoblique. After that I got an error as below:
#++ resampling epi to match anat data
#Script is running (command trimmed):
3dresample -master ./__tt_T1_ns_ob+orig -prefix ./__tt_stc_ds_tc_BOLD.nii_rs_in -inset ./__tt_stc_ds_tc_BOLD_ts+orig’’ -rmode Cu
*+ WARNING: If you are performing spatial transformations on an oblique dset,
such as ./__tt_stc_ds_tc_BOLD_ts+orig.BRIK,
or viewing/combining it with volumes of differing obliquity,
you should consider running:
3dWarp -deoblique
on this and other oblique datasets in the same session.
See 3dWarp -help for details.
++ Oblique dataset:./__tt_stc_ds_tc_BOLD_ts+orig.BRIK is 10.046100 degrees from plumb.
** ERROR: Could not resample

This error want away when I removed the AddEdge option.

Can you help me understand why my command did not work?


It seems the AddEdge option still has problems with NIFTI datasets. You can wait for me to figure this out when I get some time, or you can convert the datasets to AFNI format.

Thanks, Daniel. I will see if I can use the data in AFNI format.