Error when starting afni with new terminal window

When I open a terminal window and type “afni”, I get the following error. Note that I’ve put echo statements in my .bash_profile and .bashrc to verify they are being called and setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly (I did this in response to the error, so know they are not causing the error):

Last login: Fri Feb 7 10:03:51 on ttys001
Running .bash_profile
RUNNING ~/.bashrc
-------- freesurfer-fsl-matlab-Darwin-OSX-stable-pub-v6.0.0-tutorial-2beb96c --------
Setting up environment for FreeSurfer/FS-FAST (and FSL)
FREESURFER_HOME /Applications/freesurfer
FSFAST_HOME /Applications/freesurfer/fsfast
SUBJECTS_DIR /Applications/freesurfer/subjects
MNI_DIR /Applications/freesurfer/mni

DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is /opt/X11/lib/flat_namespace

~: afni
Precompiled binary macos_10.12_local: Jan 29 2020 (Version AFNI_20.0.04 ‘Galba’)

Thanks go to P Molfese for useful feedback

Initializing: X11[The X.Org Foundation v 11804000]… Widgets.
Fatal Signal 11 (SIGSEGV) received
Last STATUS: making imag->rowcol
Bottom of Debug Stack
** AFNI version = AFNI_20.0.04 Compile date = Jan 29 2020
** [[Precompiled binary macos_10.12_local: Jan 29 2020]]
** Program Death **
** If you report this crash to the AFNI message board,
** please copy the error messages EXACTLY, and give
** the command line you used to run the program, and
** any other information needed to repeat the problem.
** You may later be asked to upload data to help debug.
** Crash log is appended to file /Users/knutsonk/.afni.crashlog
++ AFNI is detached from terminal.

If I type “source ~/.bashrc”, afni works fine, but .bashrc was just run when the terminal window was open, so it’s unclear what is happening.

Hi Kris,

If sourcing .bashrc makes it work, then there is probably something that needs adjusting in .bash_profile. If you are around, it might be easiest if I were to stop by. I’ll send you email.

  • rick