Error message for MBA

Hi Gang,
I was trying your new program of “MBA” but encountered an error message shown below. Do you know what is going wrong here?

MBA -prefix MBA_Results_1000iter -chains 4 -iterations 1000 -model ‘1+crp’ -EOI ‘Intercept,crp’ -qVars ‘crp’ -dataTable ./Path-WBPar100-Data_New.txt

Loading required package: Rcpp
Loading required package: ggplot2
Loading ‘brms’ package (version 2.6.0). Useful instructions
can be found by typing help(‘brms’). A more detailed introduction
to the package is available through vignette(‘brms_overview’).
Run theme_set(theme_default()) to use the default bayesplot theme.
Error in strsplit(lop$cVars, “\,”) : non-character argument
Calls: %in% → strsplit
Execution halted

rPkgsInstall -pkgs ‘brms’ -update

++ Note: @ 16:31:13
This package has been updated on the computer: brms

afni -ver
Precompiled binary linux_centos_7_64: Mar 1 2019 (Version AFNI_19.0.21 ‘Tiberius’)