Error in checkForRemoteErrors(val)

Dear AFNI experts,

Thanks for helping me with troubleshooting.

I successfully ran 3dlmer with 108 individuals. However, I have to exclude 1 participant due to the normalization failure I noticed now.

So, I tried to rerun 3dlmer with 107 participants with this command.

3dLMEr -prefix MyOutputName -jobs 12
-mask mask_group+tlrc
-model ‘ABC*D+E+(1+A+B|Subj)’
-bounds -2 2
-qVars ‘C,D,E’
-dataTable \

However, I was faced with this error message.

Z slice 1 done: 03/12/21 18:57:12.447
Z slice 2 done: 03/12/21 18:57:12.694
Z slice 3 done: 03/12/21 18:57:13.106
Error in checkForRemoteErrors(val) :
2 nodes produced errors; first error: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
Calls: aperm … clusterApply → staticClusterApply → checkForRemoteErrors
Execution halted

I didn’t get this message
when I ran with 108 participants with mask_group+tlrc or
ran with 107 participants with ROI mask (e.g., MPFC anatomical mask) or
ran with 107 participants with mask_group+tlrc using 3dMVM (rathe than 3dLMEr)

Greatly appreciate any help in solving this error.


It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for the failure without direct access to the data. What AFNI version do you have? Not sure if updating the most recent version would help.

A couple of comments that are unrelated to the error.

-model ‘ABC*D+E+(1+A+B|Subj)’
-qVars ‘C,D,E’ \

  1. Make sure that all the 3 quantitative predictors C, D and E are properly centered. The default is mean centering.

  2. If the interaction between C and D is of interest, I suggest that you create a separate variable, for example, called F. Center C and D first, and let F = C x D. Then, set the following:

-model ‘ABC+ABD+ABF+E+…’
-qVars ‘C,D,F,E’
-qVarCenters ‘0,0,0,…’ \

  1. Are A, B, C, D and E within- or between-subject variables?

Thank you very much for your detailed response!

A, B are categorical variables, and C, D are continuous variables.

Also, the error message (checkForRemoteErrors(val)) was solved when I erased “-bounds -2 2”