Error in 3dLMEr GLT specification


I am using 3dLMEr to model the relationship between functional connectivity and risk for psychopathology based on parental report. Each subject has two reporters (maternal, paternal) and a risk classification label based on that reporter (high, low). I also have covariates of no-interest (age, sex assigned at birth, study site). I am interested in the risk x reporter interaction and the command I’ve been using is below:

        3dLMEr -prefix "${homeDir}/out/${seed}/3dLMEr_${seed}_${hemi}_WB_conn_riskXreporter.nii.gz" -jobs 15 \
            -qVars 'AGE' \
            -qVarCenters "${center}" \
            -gltCode risk_by_reporter 'RISK : 1*high -1*low REPORTER : 1*maternal -1*paternal' \
            -gltCode maternal_high-low 'RISK : 1*high -1*low REPORTER : 1*maternal' \
            -gltCode paternal_high-low 'RISK : 1*high -1*low REPORTER : 1*paternal' \
            -gltCode high_maternal-paternal 'RISK : 1*high REPORTER : 1*maternal -1*paternal' \
            -gltCode low_maternal-paternal 'RISK : 1*low REPORTER : 1*maternal -1*paternal' \
            -gltCode risk_high-low 'RISK : 1*high -1*low' \
            -gltCode reporter_maternal-paternal 'REPORTER : 1*maternal -1*paternal' \
            -mask "${templates}/MNI152_T1_2.4mm_gm.nii.gz" \
            -model 'RISK*REPORTER+AGE+SEX+(1|SITE_ID)+(1|Subj)' \
            -dataTable @${homeDir}/${seed}_${hemi}_WB_conn_LMEr_table_riskXreporter.tsv

When I include GLTs examining anything other than main effects across other factors (first 5 GLTs), I get the following error after all the necessary R packages are confirmed:

Loading required package: phia
Loading required package: car
Loading required package: carData
Error in if ($gltList[[n]])) gltRes[[n]] ← tryCatch(testInteractions(fm, :
the condition has length > 1
Execution halted

When only the main effect GLTs are included (last two GLTs), there is no error and the program runs successfully with output.

Am I specifying GLTs incorrectly when modeling the interaction and subsequent contrasts within other factors? Any help on why these models are not running successfully would be appreciated.

What is your R version?

My R version is 4.2.0 and I have the most recent AFNI release.


Thanks for the information, Taylor! The recent change in R 4.2.x is causing the trouble. I’ll try to adapt to the change soon in 3dLMEr.