Duplicate ROI on different surfaces

Hi AFNI people,

I am new to the fMRI world and could use some help.
Using AFNI, I was able to segment my anomie into six different surfaces and visualize the various surfaces with SUMA. What I should do now is select a specified ROI and project the same ROI onto all surfaces.
Considerando che ho 6 superfici, quello che ho fatto è utilizzare il tool di Suma per disegnare una ROI sulla superficie 3 e quello che vorrei provare a fare è duplicare la stessa ROI anche su tutte le altre 5 superfici.

I tried to use 3dSurf2Vol without success, but probably it is not the right command to use in my case.

Is there a command that might work for me?
Thanks for the help!


Hi, Alessia-

Grazie per gli commenti multilingue! Mi dispiace a fare la riposta nel inglese, solamente…

Can you describe a bit more about your segments, the surface ROIs? Were they created on the standard meshes output by SUMA (std.141* or std.60*)? If so, they are essentially already “projected” onto other subjects surfaces. You can load them on any subject’s standard mesh, and they should fit over/within the corresponding node IDs.

Some of these things (drawing ROIs on surfaces and using standard meshes) are covered in these Bootcamp videos:
Specifically, standard surfaces:
Drawing ROIs:
(and subsequent ones show scripting things).