Dummy Set being created

Hi all,

I’ve been running analyses and for some of the data sets, I’m getting the following:

Initializing: X11[The X.Org Foundation v 11804000]… Widgets… Input files:
** Couldn’t open –orient as session OR as dataset!
** Couldn’t open LPI as session OR as dataset!
** Couldn’t open –noflipim as session OR as dataset!
** No datasets or sessions input – Dummy dataset created.
Time series = 0 files read
NLfit & NLerr= Optimizer (AFNI_NLFIM_METHOD) is SIMPLEX
NLfit & NLerr= Found 30 models

All of the outputs I’ve gotten to this point have been consistent with what I should be getting, and at an earlier point I am able to open my dataset in the AFNI GUI. However, this last step I’ve been getting this message pretty consistently (when AFNI actually opens I get a notification that they’ve created a dummy set, and when I manually try to read the file it has a duplicate, and says that neither can be read).

Help would be much appreciated!!

Hi Nicole,

Exactly what command did you run, and where did you get it from?

The option dashes in the error messages do not look like proper characters, which makes me think you copied the command from a pdf document, which had changed the format.

You probably need to replace those ‘–’ characters with proper ‘-’ ones.

  • rick