differences between AFNI and SPM image properties


I download a dataset which analyzed by SPM. But i need to see image properties of this dataset with AFNI 3dinfo command. When i did the 3dinfo command for this SPM dataset, the number of voxels and number of time steps are different from the original article. But number of slice, thickness of slice and repetition time are all the same with the original article.
Does anyone know why this difference emerge? And is there any solution to make both of them same?

All be good,


Hi, Arda-

I think there are a lot of possibilities for why the dataset might have different properties than described, including: the paper description has one or more mistakes, or the paper describes a different stage of processing. It is probably a question that you would have to ask the people who created the dataset and wrote the article about it in order to be sure. It shouldn’t really be a software difference, I would guess.