dicom_hinfo/dicom_hdr and enhanced dicom

AFNI version info (afni -ver): AFNI_21.0.06 'Titus'

We recently upgraded our Prisma to the XA30 platform and so we now work with enhanced dicom format data. We routinely extract the Imaging Frequency for our QA processing scripts (tag 0018,0084). With enhanced dicom files, dicom_hinfo is returning null (and dicom_hdr is not showing that tag). I've confirmed with other tools (like matlab's dicominfo and dcm2niix) that the tag still exists in the header (as stated by Siemens' enhanced dicom conformance statement).

Is there a plan to update dicom_hinfo/dicom_hdr to fully support enhanced dicom, or do I have to migrate to another tool to extract dicom metadata?

Thanks in advance.


We never got around to implementing the enhanced DICOM format. And since other tools did, and because it is not really used in real-time (for which a 4-D format is not so useful), it was never a high priority. Sorry.

  • rick