Debian 9

i have installed AFNI in debian 9 but i have some major problems. actually i can not find any folders related to afni . for example there is no afni_data in my computer. i am trying to work with your sample data(3d_PFMdemo) but there is no way to open it. i was wondering if you could help me with that.

It is difficult to guess much here. Please provide whatever
details you can. Exactly what did you run to install AFNI?

A default install does not come with data in any case. If
you want the sample class data, please see the link on
getting bootcamp data.
That tree includes AFNI_demos/FATCAT_DEMO, if that is
what you are looking for.

  • rick


Have you downloaded the data of the demo through @Install_3dPFM_Demo?

Also please note that some R-functions are required for running 3dPFM. More details in

Hope this helps,